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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Grandparent is in town

When Big J’s parents making a visit here, you will bet that Little J is up to her most mischievous and pampered manner. She particularly very clingy to her grandmother, it is just like her grandmother is under her spell and will do anything to please her! Lol! So when ever the grandparents are in town, we tried not to scold or punish her. She will simply not afraid of us and her grandmother is always there to fend for her.

Grandpa is in town this week for his usual monthly check up routine. On the way home on Wednesday, I told Little J in the car that her kung kung (grandpa) from Kapit is here! She then mumbling something about her ah ma (grandma) and ah ma’s canteen. Once we reached home, Big J greeted us at the car pouch. Little J was reluctant to get out from the car when Big J wanted to bring her out. When he told her that kung kung is in the house, she immediately jump out from the car.

Once inside, her excitement immediately subdued. Even when kung kung called her and asked her for a big hug, she didn’t make a move. I guess she must be wondering why only kung kung here, not ah ma too? Lol!

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mama bok said...

Having good relationship with both grandparents is great.. :)